3 Fitness Apps to Keep You Moving At Home

Since we’re all #AloneTogether here are my top 3 favorite Fitness apps that will keep you moving at home. They are free so there are no excuses to not get some exercise at home!

1. Adidas Training App

Available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store

The reason I love this app is because there are so many FREE guided workouts to choose from. There are also challenges that you can join and complete with people from across the world. Right now you can try PREMIUM for free for 90 days! These workouts require minimum space and very little equipment.

2. Planet Fitness

Available on App Store or Google Play

I’m already a member so why not download the app and have access to a TON of workouts for every level. During the pandemic, Planet Fitness offers at home workout routines and live streams! The app is free and so are a lot of the workouts!

3. YouTube

This technically isn’t an fitness app but you can’t forget about YouTube University. There are thousands of channels offering free at home workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Some of my favorite channels are:

4. 7 Minute Workout

You know I had to give you one more!

Download in the App Store or Google Play

This app offers quick seven minute workouts that don’t require equipment. How much easier can it get? The app also allows you to challenge your friends and make exercise a team sport. Just get through seven minutes and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Fitness isn’t about how long you workout, it’s about taking baby steps to accomplish the bigger goal.

One more thing..

Having trouble motivating yourself to take the first steps in your fitness journey? Why not learn how to get mentally fit first?

The one thing fitness gurus don’t tell you is:

Fitness is a mindset.

Learning how to write affirmations will teach you how to take the next steps to accomplishing your goals and ultimately being successful.

You become what you think about. Period

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