3 Reasons Why Self Affirmations Must Be in Every Woman of Color’s Self Care Toolkit

Self Affirmations have become more trendy over the years. You see them everywhere. Cute memes with powerful quotes that get shared over and over again. The affirmations leave you breathless and feeling like they are speaking directly to you and there’s a reason for that. People everywhere are starting to believe in the power of affirmations and how it leads to the manifestation of the things they truly desire. They’ve watched people around them bloom and transform right before their social media lenses. Yet self-affirmations are more than just cute Instagram memes to post to your story and there’s a reason therapists recommend making a list of affirmations. It could be because practicing self-affirming is backed by science. Here are three reasons why affirmations need to be a part of every woman of color’s self-care kit this year.

Practicing Self Affirmations Makes Your Brain Happy

True story. Research done by Cohen & Sherman in 2014 indicated when you practice self-affirmations that are rooted in the present and written in the language you use, they help build your positive self-talk. Doing this actually causes certain parts of your brain to activate and can be seen on an MRI scan. There’s a reason we are supposed to tell ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds too. So sis sit down with your journal and get to writing! Try to use “I am statements or I deserve” because these statements allow you to write from a place of power. Using these statements will allow you to focus on the positive things about who you are and create positive dialogue with yourself.

The Outside World Gives Us Enough Negativity to Last a Lifetime

Let’s be real. There is a reason why the hashtag Black Girl Magic exists. Living in a world that constantly borrows from us but has a really hard time acknowledging our existence and having to Consistently fight to not only be seen as women but as beautiful black women. That can do a lot to our mental health. Using affirmations is an excellent way to remind yourself of who you are when the world tries to tell you otherwise. Affirmations also helps you guide your mental thoughts and build new neurological pathways. Our brains are malleable (think: play dough) and it’s the reason we can learn new things and go from a fixed mindset to one of growth. So try it out today! Why not remind yourself that you are an influential and powerful woman?

Affirmations Help Build Mental Grit

We all have told ourselves some messed up stuff. It’s easy to tell ourselves we are stupid but so much harder to find a reason to tell ourselves why we are amazing, we can be our biggest haters. Affirmations help build mental grit. When you practice saying affirmations you are really training your brain to be a positive source of refuge. The brain is a muscle and like any other muscle, it needs to be trained. Teaching yourself how to fight back against your negative self-talk will ultimately help you build mental grit. Saying positive things to yourself builds the habit of positive thinking and if anything 2020 should be about building new habits and leaving behind the things that no longer serve us.

Y’all know I have to give you one more.

Affirmations Build Self Love

Maya Angelou has a famous saying, “ you may not control all the events that happen to the you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”. She’s right. Self-love has to be developed by us first before we can ever be happy with someone else or make someone else happy. So sis, take some time out to write down some things about yourself that make you unique. I bet you can think of at least three things and if you really can’t think of anything, just write down a list of things that you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude can help you learn to be appreciative of the small things and will eventually teach you to be appreciative of yourself.

Learn how to craft powerful affirmations here and get started learning how to write affirmations that bring out the best in you!