Why are Wireless Headphones Bae?

by Claribel Aguilar Whyte


So lately the craze has anything wireless. Seriously, it’s why Amazon created Alexia and Google has Google Home. Anything hands-free and doesn’t require a ton of wires to be used or have to hide around your home like that annoying little spot on your couch or rug that you can’t see is even better. 

So why wouldn’t you want a pair of wireless headphones? I have found that I use wireless headphones way more than just in the gym. I like to use them when I want to zone out while I’m cooking a plant-based meal like the one I made below. You can click the picture to take you my IG where this recipe is listed. It was YUMMY! 

Plant Based Recipe

I mean they are bae because they won’t trip you up when you need to use them or have to hold your phone in your bra strap when you’re trying to jam out in the crib or gym. 

Also, need to get on a plane or take a trip using public transportation? What better way to be hands and wire-free then with headphones that don’t get tangled up in your bag or jacket and let you have the freedom to put your phone away securely so you can get to where you need to be fast and in a hurry. 

Look you need a set like you need a bae except this one doesn’t cheat on you or try to take all your cash. Just click on the picture to take you directly to your new found love. 

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