What in the WORLD is a Western Diet and why should I care anyway?- Your Brain & Mental Health Part 3

by Claribel Aguilar Whyte 


Okay so not to be a Debby Downer or a Negative Nancy, but I’m all about keeping it real and stating facts.

So here’s a few:

  1. 117 million Americans have ONE or MORE chronic health conditions. 
  2. 147 BILLION dollars are spent on treating obesity every year.
  3. More than two-thirds of Adults and one-third of children are either overweight or obese.

Don’t believe me? Check out this infographic and this report.

I bring this up to say, the whole theme of my 3 part blog series was to drive home one thing: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT LITERALLY!!!

The Western Diet or the “Typical American Diet” is one that high in saturated fat, refined sugars and has little fiber or healthy fats (like Omega 3 fatty acids)  and are majority made up of processed foods. 

Don’t get me wrong I have an obsession with Lay’s Classic Potato chips but I also know and truly believe my body is comparable to one of the finest luxury vehicles available on the market and it deserves nothing but the best fuel. 

The USDA  recommends using the following infographic (pictures with information on it) to help guide you towards healthier eating. I personally love this guide more than the ones I grew up knowing about.

Notice that vegetables, grains, and protein are the stars of this plate. These are the things you should focus on incorporating more into your diet if you’re focusing on wanting to eat a healthier diet. 

This gets more specific as you really focus and refine your goals but this infographic is a great way to visualize what you should eat to fuel that premium vehicle of yours. 

So to recap and briefly summarize the last 2 posts in this series. 

  1. Our bodies are like luxury cars and deserve the BEST fuel available to man!
  2. Our food is making us sick inside and out.
  3. Food is linked to our emotions and most of the nerve receptors responsible for emotions are found in our stomach. 
  4. There is a connection between mental health imbalances and the type of diet we eat. 
  5. The Western Diet is terrible and offers little to no nutritional value.
  6. The US Government is making a huge push to encourage Americans to eat better in order to combat the high number of obesity in adults and children.
  7.  More than HALF of Americans are overweight and suffer from some type of chronic illness. One-third of children are obese.

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