What Gas Do You Put In the Tank? Your brain and Mental Health—Part 1

by Claribel Aguilar Whyte 

You are what you eat, LITERALLY! 

Hey #SFBTribe!

So one of the reasons I started Simply Fit By Bel was because I wanted to be an advocating voice for people to learn about themselves and things around them. I wanted to let people know that SELF-care involves exactly that, yourSELF. 

It’s the whole reason there is a magazine dedicated to learning more about SELF.

The thing, I want to focus on in this blog post is food. With so many new dining options available and new labels, it’s almost mind-numbing to understand why we should eat healthily and why it matters in the first place.

Lucky for you, I used to be an elementary school teacher so I will teach you what you need to know, in small easy to digest bites because

  1. I can’t help it.
  2. I know this stuff can be overwhelming.
  3. Plus, I’ll never stop teaching.

Before we even talk about food, let’s talk about cars. Yep, cars (stick with me, it will make sense I promise.) So imagine that you just bought yourself the car of your dreams.

For me, that would be a BMW 525i, brand new, midnight blue with cream interior. Once you’ve driven off the lot in your brand new car, you know at some point you’re gonna have to put gas into this car to keep it going. As you pull up at the gas station you notice the options, what’s in your wallet and then you think,

  1. Hmmm, this car only takes premium. I knew this when I bought the car and in order to keep my baby in tip-top shape, I’ll have to put this premium gas in here.
  2. Ehhh, I bought this car but seriously the type of gas doesn’t matter, that’s all hype just to get me to spend more as long as my new car goes and gets me to point A and point B I’m good. Cars depreciate in value anyway right?

More than likely, if you bought the car of your dreams you’re going to do everything in your power to keep that car in excellent condition including putting premium gas and keeping up with maintenance regularly.

The human body is the same way!

More often then not we treat our bodies worse than we would our dream car!

Why is that? We live in a world, where we are constantly being told that we have to be selfless, we have to be present for everyone else’s special moments at the expense of what we put in our first luxury vehicle, OUR BODIES.

It’s exactly why I’m going to do a three part blog post about food & our brains because we literally become what we eat and if we can treat luxury cars with respect we should treat ourselves with respect too and only treat ourselves with the finest because YOU DESERVE IT! 

So today, I want you to consider what exactly are you using to fuel your body. Is it premium?

Hopefully you’ll not only learn something you’ll practice what you read! 😊

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