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What is athleisure & Why is it a thing?

Athleisure is the intersection between fitness clothes and streetwear. 

A few years ago leggings started off as a trend to wear with dresses and under tunic tops but as time evolved women started wearing leggings in lieu of pants. 

I mean this is great but when jobs start writing it into their companies policies as something you cant wear to the office we know that leggings are here to stay!

So how did athleisure evolve? I’d like to think it was because if girls like me, I could be totally wrong but it’s still something I like to think. We were the girls who wore basketball shorts and t-shirts to college classes instead of cute skinny jeans and baby T’s.

Over time as we evolved our style evolved.

What was so wrong with wearing about wearing clothing that was comfortable and maybe not so stylish? Either way, athleisure has evolved so much over the past 5 years that it’s now a thing that’s not going anywhere. 

Gym clothes, in general, has evolved as well and people are now looking for ways to still hit the gym but also be able to be ready to meet up with friends or grab a drink at the drop of a dime and that’s why athleisure is now a thing.

People want to be comfortable but stylish and that’s where athleisure comes in and the great thing is it’s for everybody! Another great thing about athleisure is that it can even be workplace appropriate when done right. This style has so many directions a person could take it. 

This outfit 👇🏼👇🏼 is athleisure. The top is a workout top and so are the leggings (shredded is available here). 

Here at Simply Fit by Bel, we eat sleep and breathe athleisure. 

Check out this simple outfit that will take you from the gym to running errands in a flash! 


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