How Much Exercise Should I Get In A Week?


This is a question that I know is on the top of everyone’s mind. Everywhere you look you see fitness equipment, products and accessories being shoved down your throat. Everyone is telling you that Health is Wealth and that exercise needs to be a part of your routine and their kinda right.

Gym memberships that are so cheap and enticing (NOT) that you just have to have one without knowing what you need to do in the gym and how long you should do it for.

You already know why exercising is important and what it can do for your body inside and out right? 

The American Heart Association recommends that you get 150 minutes of moderate exercise daily or 75 minutes a week of intense exercise. Losing weight is an ongoing process and quite daunting if you don’t try to attack it in easy to digest bites and it’s okay if you do more than this a week


It’s literally anything you do that makes you move and burns calories. 

To break this down, if you had to set a small goal for yourself it would be to aim for 30 mins a day x 5 times a day of some type of physical activity. If you’re super pressed for time, you can change the intensity of your exercise to cut back on “workout” time. Thirty minutes can be broken down into 10-minute sessions a day! Yes…. it can be that easy!


So imagine yourself working out,  if you can do that activity and still talk to a friend, then moderate intensity is where you’re at. Activities like walking, biking or ballroom dancing are considered moderate activities.

If your activity leaves you not being able to chat with your friend or has you huffing and puffing then high intensity is where you’re at. High intensity can cut down a workout from 30 minutes to 15, HIIT workouts are a great example of High-Intensity workouts.

So in an effort to get people moving. I challenge you to start tracking your “physical” activity minutes every day! Use the #SFBTribe to start sharing your physical activity minutes and pos

Like to twerk, have random dance battles,  or jog? These type of activities count as physical activities. So go ahead turn the music up and shake ya butt!! 

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