5 Ways to Lose Weight in 5 Days

5 Ways to Lose Weight in 5 Days

  1. Drink More Water.

Yes, I know this sounds cliche but it’s totally true. Drinking water provides a host of benefits for your body, especially in the losing weight area. 

One benefit of drinking water is it helps promote weight loss. You read that right, water will help you lose weight by removing by-products of fat, jump-starting your metabolism and reducing hunger when you drink some before eating. 

Water helps us chemically by removing toxins in our body and making sure our brain is functioning properly.

Did you know that 73% of our brain is made up of water?

You should be drinking half of your body weight in water daily. 

So quick math lesson, if you weigh 200 lbs divide that by 2 = 100 oz of water a day.

Don’t like the tasteless taste of water? Infuse it! 

  • Infuse water with lemon, fruits, and veggies
  • Place in a container overnight or place in diffuser bottle and sip with no guilt!

2. Get Active.

Commit to moving for 30 minutes 5 times a week. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of weekly physical activity. I know 150 minutes sounds scary but you can break it down into smaller sizes and work your way up.

For example:

  •  You can break up your 30 minutes into 3 (10) minute sessions
  • 2 (15) minute sessions

and then work your way up gradually. So, what’s physical activity? It’s literally anything you do that gets you up moving.

Like twerking? Jumping on your bed and singing at the top of your lungs for 10 minutes, yup you just worked out. Go for a stroll around the neighboorhood for 15-20 minutes all count as exercise and will count towards your physical activity minutes. 

3. Add A Smoothie Daily In Your Life.

Smoothies are a great way to add more healthy fruits, supplements, proteins and veggies to your life and your diet. Having a smoothie will increase your intake of the good stuff while slowly making changes in your diet. These small choices become small changes that become easier and easier one step at a time. Plus, this choice is a yummy one and really not a hard choice to make. Smoothies can be just as good if not better than most desserts.

So, of course, I had to hook you up with a few of my favorite smoothie recipes! You can always add protein powder or powdered greens to these recipes.

250 Berry Smoothie

  • 1 Cup Plain Greek non-fat Yogurt
  • 8 oz Unsweetened Frozen Strawberries or Blueberries
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 Frozen Banana (If fresh add more yogurt)
  • 1 Tsp Cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder (vanilla or strawberry)(optional)

Add ingredients to blender and blend!


Fill Me Up Smoothie

  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Tbsp of Almond Butter or Peanut Butter
  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate )(optional)

Add ingredients to blender and blend!

If you need a blender to take with you on the go don’t worry I got you!

4. Eat More Of These Foods Fat Burning Foods

  •  Tuna

High protein and low calorie. It’s a lean fish so the fat content is super low plus it’s inexpensive to buy and have in stock in the pantry. Choose water over oil if possible

  • Avacodos 

High in carbs but loaded with healthy fats and have a ton of nutrients in them. They are mostly fat but have a high water content. 

  • Cottage Cheese

High in protein and low carb and fats. Eating cottage cheese will help make you feel full without eating a whole bunch of calories. Dairy products are also packed with calcium that can that can help burn fat as well.

  • Cruciferous Veggies

Veggies like broccoli, Brussel Sprout, and cauliflower. High in fiber and contain protein. Yup, these veggies contain a high amount of protein for them to be veggies and not meat. So because they are packed with fiber, protein and other nutrients they are perfect to include in meals if you want to lose weight.

5. Encourage Your Friends to Join You!

Working out or getting shape alone is boring! There’s a reason group fitness is on the rise and has been for several years. There’s also a reason that many fitness apps and tech gadgets include ways to challenge your friends by connecting with each other on the apps. MyFitnessPal is a great app that does exactly that. Then there’s science behind it too. Research says that healthy habits tend to rub off on you. 

Benefits of Working out with Friends

  • Keeps you committed
    • You become dedicated to your workout routine which will get you closer to your weight loss goals. 
  • Keeps you competitive
    • You’ll push yourself harder because you are trying to keep with your friends or they’re trying to keep up with you and that’s great!
  • Keeps your endorphins flowing
    • Smiling around others helps that feel good feeling last longer.
  • Keeps you accountable & motivated
    • Who better than to push you to get your workout done then your friends? See sometimes they are useful.

Ultimately, losing weight is a process is a process and isn’t a quick one. There is no magic pill or quick fix but with a little determination and dedication, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TOO.

Using these tips as a starting point or a revamp of what you’re currently doing. Or maybe with was a reminder that you’re on the right track. Either way. knowledge is power. Actions are decisions and we deserve to make decisions that treat our selves with love inside and out.

I challenge you to pick just one of these and commit to doing it for 7 days. You should:

  • Write down your goal
  • Why you want to accomplish this goal  
  • How you’ll feel after you accomplish this goal
  • How you’ll reward yourself for accomplishing this goal
  • When you want to accomplish this goal (in this case 7 days)

You can use this my free “The Simple Art of Action” e-book to learn how to take action you along the way to accomplish your goals! This e-book can be used for any small goal you want to accomplish especially wellness goals and works perfectly for this challenge!

You can either hang up on your wall or print out or put in your journal by cutting it out and gluing it in or punching holes in it. You can even use this as a e-journal. 

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