A Guide to Understanding Why You Hate Working Out & How to Change That!

We all know the benefits of working out and being physically active. If you don’t know, catch up with this post.

Ironically enough there’s a real scientific reason as to why we hate working out until we don’t. Let me introduce you to the concept of General Adaptation Syndrome or “GAS”.

What is GAS?

GAS is short for “General Adaptation Syndrome”. When you first start an exercise program to meet your weight loss or weight gain goals, you are putting new demands on your body which causes physical stress and creates new neurological pathways. These are all good things and totally normal so don’t stress.

Phases of GAS

Alarm Phase- (also known as the “shock” phase) surprising right? LOL, anyway this phase is called the “shock” phase because it is exactly that. Shocking. This is your body’s first response to change and the new demands you are putting on your body. This phase usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

Adaptation Phase- (also known as the resistance phase) during this phase your body is starting to get used to the demands you are putting on your body. Your body is also adapting and changing physiological functions. You might notice that you are stronger, faster even leaner. This phase lasts 4-12 weeks after introducing your body to training stress.

Exhaustion Phase- Your body no longer responds to training stimulus and the risk for overtraining increases. So it’s important to switch things up after 12 weeks max.

Overtraining syndrome also occurs during this phase.

Over Training Syndrome (OTS) is also known as being “under recovered” meaning your body hasn’t recovered properly from your training routine.
OTS symptoms can include reoccurring illness, loss of sleep, moodiness, injury, and a decrease in physical performance.
So now that you know why your body hates exercising when you first start a new routine, HOW DO YOU DEFEAT GAS?


During Phase 1, your body needs about 3 weeks for you to start adjusting to what you’re doing. 3 weeks is about TWENTY-ONE days and YOU CAN DO IT!
Make sure you’re getting enough rest, drink enough water and eat the right foods.

During Phase 2 PUSH YOURSELF! You are stronger than you think! Your body is now used to demands you’ve been requiring of it and now it’s time to push it! Complete one extra rep, use a heavier weight or walk for 35 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Whatever you choose just know, YOU got this!

Lastly, recovery is important! Do not neglect your recovery and getting proper rest after your training sessions. Nutrition is key!

If you feel yourself burning out, TAKE A BREAK! It’s okay! Remember, rest is a part of self-care.

Now that you know the why and how it’s time to take action! Knowledge is power but it is even more powerful when you use what you know to make choices.

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